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Hello I am Jackson Smelling,

My favorite subject is math because I got a better grade on math this year. I am in eight grade this year. I am doing much better in the eighth grade. I work practiciy almost every day. I always go places on weekends all the time because I try to put my bike to gether most of the time because I never stop what I doing . I never do the same thang twice. I wash my dads car some times.


Pioneer Middle School,

My school is by Vandalia school south from the high way. I have a way to get to school. I have a way to get home from school. I work my best on all my work some times because I always do my work all the time at home because my dad makes me al the time .

I'm on the seeker team ,

The team go places like to Bartlett park to plays. We went to a theater to theLa Misers movie to watch it. We watch it all the way to the end of the movie in bakers field. We went to the play at night we got to the play at 6:30 p.m .


Advanced Computers ,

We do a lot of work on the computer. We get to play games . We get to work extra hard . Then we get projects to do on the computer. We are doing a project in Mr. Percival's class . We do Mavis Beacon to see were we are typing .

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Physical Education ,

We play flag football. We get to run a lot in Physical Education. Physical Education we do a lot of Physical Fitness. We run more than Mr. Vera's class because they run only one lap. My pe teacher Mr. Phillips lets us play flag footballin the pe class. We did a lot of Physical fittness.

Language arts ,

We read a lot of books in language arts.We do a lot of work in language arts.


Science ,

We do a lot of measure a lot of stuff.We like to do a lot of work in science we like to cut open littel bits of animals.


Social studies ,

We get to watch movies in social studies. We watch a lot of movies in the class room . He lets us drew a lot of stuff in the world to give us a good grade in Social studies class.


Math ,


Math is a lot of work in the class room . That Mrs. Rodreguss is very nice.She almost al the time she lets us chue gum. Mrs. Rodregus does a lot of stuff in the class room.