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Hello my name is Imelda Ureno

I'm on the Olympian team at Pioneer Middle School. I'm 13 years old, and I own a gold fish. I live with my mom, dad, brother and sister. I listen to rock in Spanish and rap, like Mana, Snoop Dogg,, Dur Dre. When I get home from school I do my homework, after I finish I watch Boy Meats World at 5:30. I like talking on the phone with my friends. We talk about either homework or boys if there's nothing else to talk about. I'm a very loud out spoken person. Rarely I keep something to my self about me like who I like. I always have to tell at least one person. Normally I just tell Mickey she's my best friend. We have been friends since kindergarten. I have another best friend her name is Maria Luisa she's been my best friend since 2nd grade she's pretty cool.

Pioneer Middle school

Pioneer Middle school is an a.o.k school. There is a lot of cool people. I have at least one cool person in each class. Pioneer has a lot of Friday noon activities that are very cool. I like the noon activities because all the girls and all the guys I loiter with go back there. Like the second week of school we had a boxer race during lunch. I have a lot of friends that come to this school. We all loiter during break and lunch. There's a lot of us we are probably the biggest crew at school.

I am on the Olympian team

The Olympian's are the BOMB!!! We have cool teachers. All the other teams or ok but we're still the BOMB!!! We have really cool people on the team. The first couple of weeks Mrs. Hembree would give us candy if we would answer a question right. I really enjoy being in the Olympian team.

Advance Computers

In advance computers I met Jason and Joe. I like advance Computers because its one of the classes I have the most fun in. I like the games we get to play if we finish or assignment early. My favorite game is Krilo. I sit in the back of the class room, the guys sit back here to. Micaela and Yessica sit right in front of us. We are always talking and getting are self into trouble. I like the clusters we have to do there fun, except for the part that we have to write 15 sentences. I think computer are cool you could do a lot of cool things on them. Like the picture we did in Bryce I think that was so cool.

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Physical Education

I have P.E. 5th period. Mrs. Quintanilla is my teacher. I have so much fun in that class, Ricky, Valdo, and Julia are in my class we mess around so much. We were playing capture the flag last weak. The team I was in always lost, we always had consequences. We either had to run or we had to do jumping jacks. We stared playing softball Tuesday.  My team won too. We walk a lap everyday, but if we're bad we have to walk two laps. We didn't have to walk a lap Wednesday because, to have more time to play.

Language Arts

I'm in advance Language Arts it's fun in there. I like that we read every day when we first get in the class. I also like that we have a journal to write in. We have to write four entries in a week which isn't so bad. I don't do very well in Language Arts so I make sure I at least finish my four entries in my journal. My teacher for Language Arts is Mrs. Bradley.


I like science because it's fun, but I get frustrated if I don't get whatever we are doing. It still fun, we were learning about density last week. I think density stuff was sort of confusing, because I didn't really get it. This week we're learning about Chemistry. We're also learning about the Periodic Table. It's Chemistry too is in it? My teacher for science is Mrs. Hembree, she's pretty cool.

Social Science

Social Science is another class I have a lot of fun in. Mr. Sundry is really cool, but he gets mad sometimes but he still cool. I like that he doesn't gives homework everyday. That's one thing that makes him cool. The other thing is that he's not mean, at least not all the time,( just kidding.) I really like Social science because I like to know about what happen in the Civil War. I think those kind of thing are really interesting.


Math is a.o.k. nothing interesting in there just numbers. I don't really like math it's not my thing. I have lots of problems in that class because I don't get Algebra, I don't think I'm supposed to get it either because that's high school math not middle school math. I just don't think it's easy. It's a very hard class, and what's up with Einstein inventing all these formulas and problems. And who invented pi. If I don't get the math Mickey or Michelle help me; they do a very good job too.