Heather King's web page

Hello I am Heather King

I am 13 years old. I have blond hair,and blue eyes. My birthday is on August 22, 1988. I was born in Lindsey Hospital.I am in the middle of moving at this time. My favorite color is any shade of blue.I am scared of zombies. I am 5'2. I have two cats, Tiger and Mr.Tumor. My favorite music is rap. I think the meal of kings should be spaghetti. My favorite food in the universe would have to be Flaming Hot Cheetoes. My favorite star would have to be Marshall Mathers. Even though I LOVE rap ,lately I have token a liking to Korn, and Linkin Park. My favorite movie is Scary Movie. I love to read, and I think the cheapest show that has no place on T.V. is Everybody loves Raymond(ain't that a lie!?)

Pioneer Middle School

If this paragraph is titled Pioneer Middle School, then what school do you think I go to genus? Good boy, pat yourself on the back. Theres really nothing that sets this school apart from any other. The only positive thing I can say is that I met my best friends Ana Gomez, and Julia Harter here.

I am on the Olympians

There are three eighth grade teams, Seekers, Trailblazers, and my team the Olympians.My best friends are on my team.Thats great because when we go on feildtrips we're all together.Speaking of trips, we are going on two trips. On the twelfth we are going on a team picnic.It is supposed to be a real team builder.We are also going on a trip to see "The Lion King" and I am selling candy to pay for my trip, and a couple days ago boy was everyone broke.I bet old mother Hubbord's dog didn't get his bone that day.

Advance Computers

First period......hmm....,where am I first period? Oh yeah!! First period I have advanced computers with Mr.Percival. In the morning when we get here we start on a learning computer program called "Mavis Becon." After that we start on whatever project we are working on ex: cluster, 3D picture,or in this case a web page.

Click here to see my 3d picture

click here to see my web pic

Click here to see my Pizza Stack.

Physical Education

Where's the best place in town to work up a sweat!? P.E.! My P.E. teachers' name is Mr.Begin. I have him for fifth period. He is the best teacher. First we played baseball. After baseball we played volley ball(my favorite sport). Today we are starting on football.

Language Arts

The only subject I have an A in is my favorite subject,language arts. I am a book worm,expesialy in the summer. I also love writing anything, anytime, anywhere. As Dr.Sues would say,I would write inside a house,I would write with a mouse,I would write inside a train,I would write inside a plane(ya know,"green eggs and ham").


In science we learned about matter. It makes up the universe. It exists in three forms: liquid,solid gas and sometimes plasma. At the moment we are learning about the periodic table. H stands for hydrogen,He stands for helium,C stands for carbon,and N stands for nitrogen.

Social Studies

In social studies we are learning about the Boston massacre. Also about all the taxes that were being put on the people. The British soldiers were called the lobster backs, and redcoats for obvious reasons. We made poster in hope of recruiting colonists to join in the fight for freedom. Mine says" more slit throats= less redcoats,less redcoats= more freedom"


In math we are learning about equations. stuff like 5+a=10. I think for once i'm actually getting the hang of it to. That won't last very long. The math teachers name is Mrs.Herrera. I have her for sixth period.