Gregory Dennis's web page

Hello I am Gregory Dennis

I'm 13 years old I go to Pioneer Middle School. I like to play a lot of sports. I enjoy Math,P.E.and Language Arts. I like to go skate boarding on weekends at the Vans Skate Park. I like to go to the mall and shop for things. I have joined the Wilderness club at Pioneer. I like to go fishing. I'm going to morow bay in four weeks to visit my Grandma and Grandpa. Then were going to Paso robles to the hospital to see my friend. Then were coming back to Porterville. I just had my birthday last year.

Pioneer Middle School

A lot of things have changed since last year. Pioneer has enough space to hold eight hundred to nine hundred people. If I could I would stay another year. Over the year I have seen a lot of things change her at Pioneer over the years I've been going . So far this year it has been really fun at Pioneer. We have fun activities on Fridays and sometimes on Thursdays also. Like last week we had an activity with kids acting as a belt. The object of the game was to have one or two people on top and see who could go the farthest with out the people falling off the other people.

I am on the Trailblazer team

We are going on a journey on November 14 to the Pantagese Theater in Holly Wood.On Holly wood road. We've been studying a lot of things on the Trailblazers. Last year I had a chance to go to Bartlett but I didn't want to go to Bartlett because it is better at Pioneer. I think that the best team on compas is the Trailblazer team. We do a lot of things to help the school.

Advanced Computers

We have been doing a lot of stuff in this class . Like we just finished our picture. We are now working on our web page. I have this class first period. I took computers in seventh grade . When I first took this class it was a little hard. This year it easier to do because I know a little more about what I'm doing in class.

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Physical Education

We have been doing a lot of things in P.E. We have been playing baseball for five weeks. When we played I hit two home runs. Now we are playing volleyball. In volleyball we won all of our games. One time it was a close call. We had two minutes in the game and it looked like the ball was going out but it stayed in. After volleyball we started football.

Language Arts

In language we have to write in our journals every day. Then we started the movie Lion King. It took us about two weeks to finish the movie. Because we started are journals so we couldn't finish it on time. Then we started selling candy for our field trip in November 14. So I have finished selling my candy last week to my grandma.


Today in science we started are lab in class. Tomorrow we are going to do are take 5 questions. Then we are going to do some homework.We have been doing a lot of things in science. So far we have been doing things on matter, volume, and density in class.

Social Science

We are doing stuff on the American Revolution. It has been kind of fun playing and doing work in the class room. We are doing a poem written by . But we have to remember it by Friday or we don't get full credit in the grade book.


In math we do a lot of stuff in fractions and other things. We just recently started doing extra credit so the people that had low grades could get a better grades. So far only a few people have got them correct. When we come in to class we do are morning warmups. Then we start the homework and classwork.