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Hello I'm Gisela Batres,

I like to have fun. I have brown eyes, black hair, I'm 5'2" and I love ice cream. Most of my friends tell me that I'm short so they call me shorty. I love to go to school just to hang out with my friends their the best, only that some times they get in my nerves. There are also lots of cute guys here at Pioneer. I guess my favorite subject is P.E. it's fun sometimes but you do exercise and that helps a lot, just to get a few pounds off.


Pioneer Middle School

Pioneer Middle School is fun you hang out with your buds, and you could talk to them about any- thing. What I like about Pioneer is all the cool assemblies that they have, their fun and they are always playing music. They also have dances which is fun to go, if you could go there's night- dances too, And I heard that their bad. Plus the teachers are nice sometimes,( depends what mood their in.).

I'm on the Seekers Team

The Seekers team is of course the best team in the school plus there are lots of cute guys. The teachers there are so nice. And Mr. Houge is the funniest teacher in the team he could tell stories that will make you laugh till you pee in your pants. Mrs. Phipps is a cool teacher too and I think it's cool when she shows us how to do something we never seen before, Mrs. Rodriguez is nice she's not like all the other math teachers that yell at you because your doing something wrong. Mr. Moraga is cool because he lets you do almost whatever you want to do. So I think the Seeker team is the bomb!

Advanced Computers

Advanced Computers is fun, you get to do lots of different things like 3d pictures draw pictures and stuff like that. There is so many cool and different things to do and learn so Advance Computers is fun. The teachers is so fun because he teaches you different things and things to do and plus you also get to learn how to type so if your fast you get to be faster than what you are. There are so many different games to play and there so fun to.

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Physical Education

In P.E it's hot but fun and I think it's cool to play the games that we play. There are cute guys in my P.E class. the games there are fun and could sometimes be hard or easy. The teacher could be funny and then again could sometimes be mean. The game that I enjoy the most is jungle ball, it's just like volleyball but more fun cause it's different. It's more fun because you get to do more, than just look at the ball fly in the air. You get to let it bounce and then you could hit it, and you could also hit it more than once.

Language Arts

Language Arts is one of my favorite classes. Mr. Houge is the funniest one out of all the teachers every time that he's telling us something he always seems to say something that is actually funny. There are so many different things to do there. Every time you go in his class room you always have to get a book out or get one from his bookshelf. I always get his Chicken Soup book. It has so many different stories about teenagers what happens in there lives and what they have been through.


In Science Mrs. Phipps teaches us how to do different things to do. She teaches us how to do different experiments and things like that. She already showed us how to make a little explosion just to demonstrate how things work. We almost never have to do any homework which is cool. The thing that is hard about her class is that her test are one of the hardest thing to do in her class. But still her class is fun.

Social Science

Social Science is one of my favorite classes. Mr. Moraga is a really cool teacher he's nice and is always there to help you he is always showing us movies and stuff like that. Mr. Moraga's class is also one of the simplest class there he makes his test so easy. I like his class, also because when ever you need help all that you have to do is just raise your hand up and he'll come to you and help you.


Math is one of my least favorite subject I really don't like it. It's hard for me to do and I always seem to not get the problem right. The thing I hate the most is that the teacher always gives us homework. I do like that the teacher is nice to us she's funny and cool to talk to. Sometimes if you get on her nerves to much she will give you a warning just so you could get the point of it. What I like the most is that she's a girl and I could tell her whatever I need to tell her.