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Hello I am Brenda Nunez

I have two brothers and one sister and I am 13. My Birth Day is 9/16/88. My dad is in Mexico and my mom is going to have a baby . I love to swim in my aunts swiming pool but not all of the time because my aunt lives in Los Angeles. My favorite sport is base ball but i'm not good at it. I have a lot of friends but my best friend is Maria. She is so funny and we love to hange out some times. I like to eat pine apple it taste's so good.I'm in 8th grade.

Pioneer Middle Shcool

I like to go to Pioneer Middle School because all of my friends go their and because this is a nice shcool. We go to a lot of field trips and it is really fun. Pioneer Middle Shcool is located in front of the Porterville College.

I am in Seekers Team

A lot of my friends are in Seeker team and i'm happy about it because in 7th grade I didnt have all of my friends with me just my best friend. My Seeker teachers are very nice and funny especially Mr.Houge .We have gone to two field trips and they were fun and my friends were there too.

Advance Computer

In advance computer. We have to type to get better. In computers we do pictures, writing assignments, and we play games. I like to play games because they are fun and we have to type to win the game. I love computers but I dont have one for my own. If I did have one I would be with it all of the time. I like computers because I like to play games.

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PHysical Education

I have P.E. in forth period and its really fun because right now we are placing Volly Ball but I'm not really good at it but my friend is really good at serving and she hits it over the net and that way almost all the time we win. I love to play all sorts of sports and games. I like to have fun. My P.E. teacher is Mr. Viera. Almost all of my friends have Mr. Viera I see them all of the time when they are in P.E.

Language Arts

My teacher in Language arts is Mr. Houge he is very funny and I really have a good time in his class. I went to a play that is called The Misarables its like a French word. Mr. Houge has told us a lot about that story. Its like a sad story, a funny story, and a good story that every body can enjoy. I like Language Arts a lot.I don't think I'm very good at writing but I try.

Social Science

Social Science is not a big deal for me because that class is pretty easy for me. My teacher for Social Science is Mr. Moraga he is a very nice teacher we watch movies about war because we are studing about history. I really learn a lot in Mr. Moraga's class because he explaines every thing step by step loud so we can hear.


I have Mrs. Rodrigues for math but even if I have math I have a good time. Mrs. Rodrigues has a little girl and one day she brought her to the class. She is so cute she looks gust like Mrs. Rodrigues. I have math for 6th period and I'm really happy about that because in 7th grade I used to have math for 2 period. Bad luck for me that I have 2 math classes.

Math Facts

I have a teacher named Mrs. Rebensdorf she is pretty mean but at the same time she is nice. I have that class so that I can be more good at math because I'm not that good at math. She is very fun to talk with and to help us on our class work and home work. Now I'm getting better grades because Mrs. Rebensdorf helps us. My friend Vanessa goes too that class to we have a good time.