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Social Studies

In Social Studies we have studied about a lot of--hings.Ftor example we have studied about President George Washington.We also studied about The Civil War We are now studying about The Eari Canal.We saw a movie about the Eari Canal we are also learning about the first steam boats.We are learning about the Clipper Ships and their long voages.

Sometimes Mr.Moraga lets us talk while we are working on our work.He also lets us hear our c.d. players when we are all done with our work.Or sometimes my freind Thomas brings his Gameboy S.P.He brings the game Donkey Kong or sometimes he brings some other games.



In Science class we are learning about the we are learning about the periodic table of the elements.It is kind of boring epset for yesterday we were shoking ourselves with a not that big leyden yar.We were also learning about mass,wheith and volume.We also were learning How to measure mass,wheith and volume.You measure wheith with a scale.Mass with a Triple Beam Balance.You measure volume with a Gradutad Cylinder.

Now we are learning about Global Warming.We are also learning about all the four gases that make up the air.The four gases are water vapor,nitrogen,oxygen,and finally carbon dioxide.We are also learning about surface tension and about the water molicules.That is mostly all we are learning about.

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In math class it is not that boring. Sometimes we have a lot of homework.I only do it sometimes when it is not that hard.Or sometimes I also do it in grad class.Grad class is realy boring because you have to be quiet the whole time you are in there.

I only had to do two classes of grad class.It was not fun because I had to stay in grad class every day for twenty-two days.I only had to go for twenty days because I was absent two days.I hope I dont get any more F's so I dont go to grad class any more.

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Language Arts

I language arts it is kind of boring because Mr.Hass gives us a lot of work.He also gives us a lot of homework.We were doing a biography on someone that was already dead.I did it on Mark Twain I didn't even finish it because it was to much work.

We are now doing a Hero Essay.It is about Cesar Chavez and Roberto Clemente.We have to write how are they both hero's.I first started writing about Cesar Chavez I wrote all the good things he did.That is all we are doing in language arts.

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Advanced computer

In advance computers it is not that boring epset when we have to do a lot of work on the computer.When we get to play games it not boring at all.I also like it when we draw on the computer.I dont know how to draw that good on the computer.I am almost getting there.

I also want to get a good grade because I dont want to fail this class.

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