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Jasmine Hernandez

I was born on March 11, 1991 in Porterville, CA at the Sierra View Hospital. I have two brothers and one sister. I'm the oldest. The second oldest is my brother Juanito, but everyone calls him "Chente" He's seven years old. The second oldest is Xavier, he's four years old. The youngest is my sister Alysia, and she's three years old. They all live with my mom, I live with my grandma.

I have always had a huge interest in acting. I want to be in a play at the Barn Theater. I don't care if I get a small role or not, I just want to act. I recieved a call from a modeling, and acting agency called Barizon and they wanted to see my skills, so they scheduled an audition in Fresno at seven o'clock on January, 7th 2005. I asked my grandma to see if I can go, but I couldn't, she said that it's to far to go and I might not even get a part. I am still trying to get involved in acting. Acting is my passion.

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